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Private Lessons
Group Classes

We all know that a well trained dog is a happy dog! Group classes are crucial in training your dog to be comfortable and well behaved in a group setting, among other dogs, people and distractions. Group classes are fun, interactive and educational. These classes are geared toward reliable distance and eventually off leash obedience. 

These 6-week courses will address obedience, behavior issues and socialization. Each group class meets for approximately 1 hour per week. Puppies must be 16 weeks old and be up to date on their vaccinations to start the Level I class.


Classes are sometimes cancelled due to the weather, holidays or schedule changes. Weather cancellations (raining or poor AQI) will be done 1-hour prior to class. Please note that class start dates might change because of weather cancellations. Check in to be certain of the date!  Please call or text 408-205-8251 for class update. If you have missed a class, please text my cell to reschedule.


The KeenKNineTraining Instagram and Facebook pages will be updated with this information as well.





Due to COVID-19 we are asking that everyone practice social distancing.  Please remain home if you feel unwell and/or have a fever.  Any classes missed can be made up in another session. We will continue to monitor the Santa Clara County health guidelines and may update our safety procedures as recommended.


Level I- $300* This series of classes covers loose leash walking, heel, sit, down, stay and an
introduction to recall (come).


Level II- $300*   This series of classes covers a review and fine tuning of level 1, motion and
distance commands as well as some long leash work, if appropriate for the group. 


Private Lesson Clients– $240

Single drop in class– $60

NEW! Unlimited Group Classes (One Year) -- $1,800 ($1,500 Private Clients) 



Saturday June 3rd El Quito Park

Level III    9:30am

Level II    10:30am


Sunday June 4th Ortega Park

Level II    10:30am

Level I     11:30am

NOTE: Class start dates may change based on number of enrollments.






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I Love Dogs, and Training Them!

A $75 evaluation fee is required to visit your home and discuss the issues you are experiencing with your dog. We will establish goals and what you can expect from training. When you sign up and pay for training during the evaluation, this paid fee will be applied to the purchase price. 

Private lessons are the most effective way to address behavior issues and build that working relationship with your dog. Together, you will establish goals and work one on one to achieve those goals and alleviate unwanted behaviors.  
Single lesson $165
Four lessons $600
Eight lessons $1000

Twelve lessons $1450

45 min Phone consultation $125

Custom Packages available upon request

Private lessons will begin in your home and neighborhood. We will then progress to meeting in public downtown areas to introduce more unexpected circumstances and distractions for your dogs. I am the guide, you are the teacher, and your dog is the student. Each lesson is approximately 45 minutes, once per week for the duration of your selected package.

Training methods do not rely on food, although treats may be used intermittently. The primary reward is verbal praise and physical affection.

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